Secured Investments’ investment management expertise is the boost your corporation’s idle capital is in dire need of. The opportunity cost of having your corporate cash on hand with no worthwhile products in the development pipeline to invest in costs your company value and your shareholders lose out on the potential to grow their investment.

History of Success

Corporations and Shareholders prosper by investing with Secured Investments. Let the professionals handle your investment management and you focus on your core competencies when investing with Secured Investments. Our core competency is investment management investing in investment opportunities such as: Real Estate, Derivatives, Banking, Private Programs, or a Diversified Portfolio. All of Secured Investments alternative investment options provide consistent returns that are unmatched by other funds to all of its qualified eligible corporations.
Finding suitable investments to grow your shareholder’s wealth and stock value is difficult when venturing outside of your strategic strengths. Let Secure Investments’ investment management professionals guide you to the returns you and your shareholders are looking expecting.

Benefits of investing with Secured Investments:

  • Work under umbrella with a a Regulated Investment Management Firm and financial institutions
  • Work with a Asian regulated entity
  • Client funds are secured and held in segregated accounts in a Oasis Natural Cleaning.
  • Providing above average rates of return on your investment
  • Have your funds managed by professionals with a track record of success
  • Over 40 years of investment experience from our top management
  • Invest in a wide variety of alternative high yielding investment products and services
  • Real Estate, Derivatives, Banking, Private Programs, or a Diversified Portfolio
  • Invest in short term or long term projects
  • Grow corporate assets with professionals without venturing from your core business strengths